Bellow you can read some emails from our customers:

"I received my Cracker on Monday here in Germany and it was immediately taken by my mightily impressed mother-in-law for a test drive. ;) Very well done, hope I'll get it back soon for my own pleasure. ;)"   - Daniel

"Got my Kindling Cracker King in Canada love it and it's a beast."  - Perry

"WOW!! My kindling Cracker King has arrived. Its a lot bigger than I realised but thats no problem. What a great looking piece of kit and has first edition on it. Cant wait to try it." - Colin

"Dear Kindling Cracker people. My sons pitched in and bought me a kindling cracker for my birthday, after I told them I would like one. I. LOVE.IT.! A couple of taps and the wood is stuck in place, ready to get hammered by the sledgehammer. One handedly. My cracker is up on a big cut round so I'm not bending over constantly to kindling up my wood. If any of the wood has knots in it, I just keep at it and it splits. Not much effort required. Thanks for being sooo smart and inventing this. Very happy customer."  - Suz

"I bought it in Japan. Very convenient and very fun wood splitting." - Mitsuhiko

"I have received my Kindling Cracker (New Zealand). The quality is excellent. I've tried it out this morning and it works perfectly. I couldn't be happier. Great work Kindling Cracker Ltd. You've successfully delivered a quality product within three months of your Kickstarter Campaign funding. I couldn't be happier."  - Eric

"My son-in-law bought one for himself, then another for a friend of his and then one for me Fantastic invention love using it. I have a feeling I will be splitting more wood then I need for next winter. Thanks again." - Patrick

"I can't believe my Kindling Cracker is still in one piece! I've beaten the living daylights out of this thing since my wife got it for me a couple of Christmases ago. You guys must make these things out of old UFO parts. What is even more amazing is the blade is as sharp as it was the day I got it and I have put a tremendous amount of wood through it.  Keep up the great work. These days, it's a privilege to come into contact with a truly superior product." - Bill Grapevine, Texas

"I purchased one of your smaller ones and love using it so much thank you!" Kind regards - Sandi

"I am from Canada and I received my kindling cracker splitter just over a week ago. I have been cutting and splitting wood for over 40 years to heat my homes. I have seen many tools for splitting wood come and go. But this splitter is staying close at hand as it such a remarkable device to split wood with little effort and great safety. It is well constructed and is designed to be stable when using. I am also very pleased to purchase an item from a fellow Commonwealth country."  Cheers David

"We ordered a Cracker and Love it. Frank would hack away with an axe making kindling wood before our Cracker and now it's a breeze. Thank you so much for your excellent product!" - Darlene and Frank

"Just wanted to let Ayla know that I purchased the Kindling Cracker and like using it very much. Thanks! Keep up the good work!"  - Lou

"Hey there, not an enquiry, Just a bit of feedback. I got my thingy a couple of days ago and am very impressed. It makes it so easy I've reduced half my woodheap to small sticks, as every time I walk by I have to stop and bash a couple of logs through it. I've just purchased one for my 75 year old mum too. Big ups to Ayla for being a clever person." Cheers! - Bernard

"Bought one of these for ourselves and was blown away with how easy and efficient it is. Have just now ordered one for our son and daughter-in-law for Christmas. Well done Ayla." - Lesley

"Just received the Kindling Cracker for an anniversary gift from my wife. Totally love it! Definitely one of the more manly items in my man arsenal!" - Steve

"This is the best ever invention. I received one for a birthday present and it's brilliant! Makes making kindling so easy." - Daina

"Just opened my Fathers Day present "KindlingCracker", what a great idea! This is coming from an old Boy Scout whom has split many a logs into kindling."   - Jeff

Yes, I am shouting! I'm telling everyone! Thanks for creating something incredibly valuable. From Central Victoria (Goldfields) in Australia xx." - Lissanne

"Hi. I bought your Kindling Cracker today and already love it. It is a great idea and a great product. I live in Candler NC USA and it is winter and time to keep the wood stove going." Thanks Richard